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Hopfengut Kaltenberg
Hopfengut Kaltenberg

The Tettnang Hop Estate celebrated its 160th. anniversary in 2004. It dates back to 1844 when the commercial cultivation of hops was begun by Johann Nepomuk Fidel von Lentz and the industrious citizens of Tettnang. In 1854 the hop cultivation area was 3 ha, in 1861, 91 ha, in 1874, 400 ha and in 1884, 648 ha. Hops were already in cultivation in the rest of Württemberg and were also important crops in the Rottenburg and Schwetzingen areas. There was at that time a brisk exchange of "cuttings" of the type named "Deutscher Frühhopfen" in those areas. Tettnang is nowadays the only surviving estate in Baden-Württemberg and is known worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of superior aromatic hops.

The development of the Tettnanger hops (in extracts). Detailed information can be found in the book "Grünes Gold" by Peter Heidtmann.


Year Description
1844 First planting of hops in Tettnang
1847 – 1860 The Bodensee region and the hops gained rail access to the "world market"
ab 1865 The hop cultivation pioneer, Israel Friedrich Wirth, acquired the Kaltenberg estate and developed numerous innovations (drying, soil conditioning etc.)
1875 The first German hops exhibition in Tettnang
1914 1214 planters in cultivated 630 ha in some 700 oast houses
1925 First signs of peronospores and first mechanised spraying in Tettnang
1937 1329 planter families harvested 25.462 Ctr.
1940 First narrow gauge engine in Tettnang
1947 Foundation of the present Hop Planters’ Association
1949 First Hop Queen in Tettnang
1956 First 4 hop picking machines in Tettnang
1959 Eduard Adorno from Tettnang became President of the German Hop Planters’ Association
1950 – 1970 Mechanisation aera
1973 The state of Baden-Württemberg founded the "Straß" hop research station
1975 Tettnang production association founded
1984 First virus free cuttings from Tettnang
1993 Introduction of the "Neutral Quality Definition" and conversion to integrated and controlled production
2001 The Tettnang production association and the HVG Hallertau merged to become HVG
2010 The "Tettnanger Hops" registered as a "protected geographical name" at the EU


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